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660 Scanning  Auger System  Model 660 in stock HOT deal!
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660 Scanning Auger System Model 660 in stock HOT deal!

Price per Unit (piece): Call for Pricing

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660 Scanning Auger System Model 660 from PHI / Perkin-Elmer

After upgrade

technical descriptions

  • CMA analyzer
  • PC-operation
  • Loadlock
  • Sputtergun 04-303

upgrade to WIN XP possible

chamber in detail

If you like to see the decription of that instrument please follow  that  link.

PHI 660 Scanning Auger (AES) System located in Europe!

€ 90.000 without TAX Includes installation and training and a one year warranty.


PHI 660 Refurbished

Brief Description

Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) identifies elemental compositions of surfaces by measuring the energies of Auger electrons. Auger electrons are stimulated by bombarding the sample with an electron beam and the kinetic energy is measured.  Auger electron spectroscopy is widely used for analysis of surfaces, thin films, and interfaces.

Auger cannot detect hydrogen or helium, but is sensitive to all other elements, and is most sensitive to the low atomic number elements.

660 Specifications

  • Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer (CMA) for high performance
  • LaB6 electron column & coaxial CMA
  • Energy Resolution 0.3 % to 2.0%
  • Energy range 0 to 3200 eV

The CMA has a well defined, easy to find, focal point, which uses the elastically backscattered electron spectrum
Coaxial electron gun and CMA. The electron beam is automatically aligned at the CMA focal point
Guaranteed Base Pressure: 5.0 x 10-10 Torr
UHV pumping: 200 l/s
Minimum Electron Beam Diameter: 25 nm at 20 kV
AES Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 50:1 at 5 kV Electron beam voltage
Sensitivity in Pulse Count mode: @.05 nA, 10 kV=750 cps
Maximum Beam Current: 10 uA

660 Sample Interaction 660 Coaxial Geometry

No Shadow for Coaxial Geometry

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